We find hard to find people.

someone hiding

When you need to find someone — anyone, anywhere, anytime — Beacon Investigative Solutions has the experience and personnel to make it happen. We believe the only acceptable outcome for a locate investigation is a confirmed address and current telephone number. Our services come with a 100% money back guarantee, should the information we provide turn out to be inaccurate.

Our services for private clients include locating missing persons, runaways, and long-lost family members.

We also provide investigative assistance in adoption cases to adult adoptees who wish to identify and locate their birth parents and other biological relatives.

For professional clients, we routinely assist law firms by locating reluctant witnesses, evasive defendants, and missing heirs in support of civil, criminal, and probate cases. We also assist business clients by locating experts, prospective executives, past employees, and other parties.

To discuss a locate investigation, please call:

Mike Orchard, President at:


We have an excellent track record with the most challenging kinds of locate cases, even when the full identity of the person is not known. Beacon’s experienced and resourceful investigators know exactly what it takes to locate even the hardest-to-find subjects.

We are currently licensed in more than 40 states with a team of highly qualified investigators for local investigations throughout the U.S.

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