Private Investigator and Investigation Services Firm

Many of Beacon’s senior investigators are former FBI Special Agents or have other law enforcement experience, specialized training and expertise. Beacon’s field investigators in each state are supported by our internal investigative team at our corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

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Investigation Experts

Our private investigators have testified as expert witnesses in state and federal courts, leading to highly successful outcomes for our clients. We have a proven track record and will gladly provide references upon request.

Beacon is licensed and/or has the authority to conduct business as an investigative firm in more than 40 States, plus the District of Columbia. From Seattle to Miami, from Los Angeles to New York, very few other investigative firms can provide their clients the same breadth and depth of local investigative expertise.

Backed by state-of-the-art technology, Beacon’s private investigators provide comprehensive background investigation, asset search, fraud investigation, competitive intelligence, due diligence, accident investigation, criminal/civil litigation support, and surveillance services.

We also provide specialized investigations of financial fraud, intellectual property and trademark infringement, computer forensics, corporate theft, trade secret protection, environmental issues, wrongful death, product liability, probate cases, child custody and police misconduct.

Tailored Investigative Solutions