Is It Worth Filing a Lawsuit?

Before filing a lawsuit for money damages, it is essential to know as much as possible about the person or the company you are suing. In most cases, litigation involves a major commitment of time and resources. It is important you know upfront if the defendant is worthy of pursuit, since you will be paying significant attorneys fees and court costs. Even if your case concludes successfully with a sizable judgment, there is no guarantee of getting paid. This is particularly true if the defendant is bankrupt, or has unpaid tax liens, or is simply unable to afford the court-ordered payments. Accordingly, it may be advisable to conduct an asset search in advance of litigation.

Beacon Investigative Solutions delivers relevant, reliable, comprehensive and accurate asset investigations. All asset investigations conducted by Beacon are handled by licensed private investigators specializing in this field.

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Our results speak for themselves:

  • Beacon’s success rate finding for bank accounts averages over 80% based on our last three years of results. Results for all identified accounts include approximate balance within a few hundred dollars or an exact balance when available, as well as the addresses of the branches where the accounts are located.
  • Our success rate for finding brokerage and retirement accounts runs at around 60%, which is comparable to the percentage of the population that owns securities in the USA.

In addition to our work for legal and business clients, we routinely provide this sort of information for other private investigators to extend their capabilities, because there are very few PI firms with the ability to successfully complete this type of investigation. All searches are conducted in compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and GLB financial privacy laws.

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