Know If Your Business Partner Is Lying About His or Her Assets

Business Partner

Getting into business with someone can be a tough decision, particularly if you do not know your business partner very well.  One of the most important considerations can be the extent of their personal and commercial assets.  First, this information indicates whether your partner has the resources to meet their current financial obligations.  Second, it indicates whether or not they will be in a position to invest more money down the line.

One option for conducting an asset search is to check public records for judgments, liens, corporate holdings, and real property ownership. This can provide extremely useful information, but for individuals without professional training in these matters, it can also be time-consuming, confusing, and potentially misleading, since the information obtained will not reflect their full financial profile.

Another option is to hire a private investigator to perform the asset search.  Experienced investigators recognize that locating hidden assets is a complex and intensive process that can involve several methods of legal asset identification, such as field investigation, proprietary databases, foreign sources, surveillance, vendor records and payments, third party information, document collection and verification.  Each case is unique, and should be approached as such.

Beacon Investigative Solutions is one of the top investigative companies for asset searches.  We provide reliable information on a confidential basis to business owners, corporations, law firms, and insurance companies.

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