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Beacon Investigative Solutions handles all manner of motor vehicle accidents, and has also conducted successful investigations of industrial accidents and workplace-related fatalities. Our clients include insurers, law firms, and major corporations.

Highly Qualified Investigators

Our highly qualified team of local investigators can promptly respond to accident scenes in 40+ states. From scene photos to full-scale accident reconstruction, Beacon delivers reliable results under tight timelines.

Accident Investigation Specialists

Accident investigations require the skills needed to identify, locate, and interview witnesses; obtain statements and documents; secure evidence; and present clear and compelling reports and testimony. Beacon deploys the appropriate resources for every phase of the investigation, with field investigators who are fully supported by our internal specialists.

Complex accident investigations require a qualified specialist. The technical knowledge required to recreate a motor vehicle crash, for example, may rely on analysis of brake failure, roadway safety, and maintenance records. A large-scale leak of hazardous contaminants from an industrial site, on the other hand, will require environmental science and forensic engineering. Beacon’s investigators include a wide range of specialists who possess the technical training and experience necessary to bring accident investigations to a successful conclusion.

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