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Get the Facts with a Comprehensive Background Investigation

The investigators at Beacon Investigative Solutions have decades of experience running comprehensive background investigations for corporate, legal, and private clients.

For every background investigation, Beacon has the capacity to develop a comprehensive portrait of the subject that encompasses their civil, criminal, professional, educational, financial, and marital history.

Beacon specializes in the following types of background investigations:

  • High Level Executive Background Investigations
  • Litigation and Pre-Litigation Support
  • Corporate Due Diligence
  • Prenuptial and Pre-Marital Background Checks
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • National/International Criminal Record Searches
  • Comprehensive Civil Record Searches
  • Credit and Financial Analysis
  • Bankruptcies, Liens, Judgments, UCCs

While other background services rely exclusively on databases and cover only the basics, Beacon digs much deeper. Our local field investigators are supported by the extensive investigative resources of our national headquarters, including access to proprietary sources and technical specialists, such as computer forensics and financial fraud analysts. By effectively leveraging these resources, we can guarantee comprehensive, high-quality, and cost-effective results for every client.

We Dig Deeper

Notably, many other firms rely on so-called “national criminal databases,” without acknowledging that these superficial services do not cover numerous state, county and municipal courts. Consider: Beacon recently conducted an investigation of an individual who had a single conviction for assault from the 1980s, according to the records of a well-known national database. However, having carefully traced his history of prior residences and directly checking every municipal, county, state and federal court in those jurisdictions, we identified a dozen other convictions, including criminal trespassing, battery of a corrections officer, and multiple counts of arson. The national database results gave the impression that this individual was a one-time offender, but the full account developed by Beacon revealed that he was, in fact, a lifelong criminal.

Each Case is Unique and is Treated Accordingly

We recognize that the concerns and needs of each client are unique and approach each case accordingly. Attorneys, for example, tend to have significantly different priorities than corporate executives when it comes to identifying their issues of greatest interest and concern. Moreover, for certain situations, such as pre-employment screening, there are federal and state laws that may limit the usability and reporting of specific information, such as decades-old bankruptcies, arrest histories, and credit problems. At Beacon, every background search is conducted by experienced private investigators who consult closely with clients throughout the course of the investigation to achieve the best possible outcome.

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