Litigation Investigation

Experienced Litigation Support

Beacon Investigative Solutions has extensive experience providing law firms with litigation support for both plaintiff and defendant actions, in federal and state courts throughout the U.S. We can provide references from satisfied clients, ranging from major Am Law 100 law firms to attorneys with independent practices.

We routinely assist law firms by locating reluctant witnesses, evasive defendants, and missing heirs in support of civil, criminal, and probate cases.

We have an excellent track record with the most challenging kinds of cases, such as identifying witnesses of crimes or accidents who aren’t referenced in the police report and haven’t publicly come forward with their story. Beacon’s experienced and resourceful investigators know exactly what it takes to locate even the most hard-to-find subjects.

We also conduct interviews, obtain statements, coordinate depositions, and service of process.

We often receive calls from law firms who’ve been disappointed in the past by other PIs who delivered only a “possible address” or “probable phone” that is later determined to be outdated information. Beacon believes the only acceptable outcome for a locate case is a confirmed address and current telephone number.

Additional services we provide to law firms include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Civil / Criminal / Domestic / Vehicular Investigation
  • Background Investigation
  • Surveillance Services
  • Locate Witnesses/Defendants
  • Asset Discovery (Pre-Litigation or Post-Judgment)
  • Document Acquisition
  • Witness Interviews/Depositions
  • Expert Testimony and Litigation Support
  • Computer Forensics
  • Heir Searches
  • Process Service

Whether you have a class action lawsuit with numerous parties to be investigated and interviewed, or simply need to track down a defendant, Beacon can provide the critical support and experience to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Licensed, Experienced and Relentless

We are currently licensed in 40+ states with a team of highly qualified investigators for local field investigations, supported by our internal investigative team at our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

Beacon is a member of the National Association of Legal Investigators.

Clients also receive secure 24/7 access to our online case management system, so they can monitor the progress of their cases, download reports, and view digital surveillance video at any hour of the day.

We assist law firms with a number of pre-litigation services, such as accident investigations, witness location, victim interviews, document acquisition, background investigations, and the securing of evidence. We understand what it takes to build a successful case. We have experience testifying as expert witnesses on behalf of our clients in federal and state courts.

Many lawsuits involve multiple parties in multiple states. For attorneys and paralegals, it can be extremely time-consuming to find a reputable investigator in each city and state, verify their credentials, and bring them up to speed on the particulars of your case. Beacon provides a better solution. With local field investigators in over 40 states, supported by a deep bench of internal investigators at our corporate headquarters, we are able to streamline the coordination and execution of legal investigations, saving our clients significant time and money.

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