Beacon Investigative Solutions is pleased to announce that one of our business clients in South Dakota recently obtained a $775,000 summary judgment for tortious interference, in a decision that was supported by evidence obtained during our investigation of the defendant.

While business owners and executives may expect that a successful investigation for tortious interference, defamation and disparagement could potentially cost thousands of dollars, experienced private investigators are capable of delivering cost-effective results. The total bill for our services was equivalent to only three hours of investigative time. Clearly, our client made a smart investment. He also significantly increased the odds of a successful outcome by collecting all necessary evidence before filing suit.

Beacon was retained in December 2010 by the principal of a pest control and exterminator service firm in Rapid City, SD. Our client’s older brother owned and operated a competing company in the same market, and had reportedly been making false statements about our client’s firm.

One of our senior investigators contacted the competing firm, and over a period of time developed the confidence of its owner, who made numerous disparaging statements about our client and his firm. These comments were recorded and documented in accordance with applicable laws and rules of evidence.

Our client subsequently filed suit in the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court of Pennington County, SD (All Seasons Pest Control Co. et al. v. Michael Williams; case #CIV 11-46).

Facts obtained during our investigation and interview of the defendant were presented to the court. The judge found in favor of plaintiff, awarding damages of $250,000, plus punitive damages of $500,000.

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