Investigating Employee Misconduct


In a recent article for Consumer Law Magazine, Beacon CEO Mike Orchard discusses what business owners should do to ensure that holiday cheer does not turn into trouble — as well as important steps to take if any there are any employee incidents that create potential liability for the company.

He observes: “By implementing a plan to deal with any issues

Why Can’t Corporations Keep Secrets?

Corporate America has become a frontline for foreign espionage. Yet executives, inside counsel, corporate investigators and security professionals seeking to protect their company’s proprietary information may find there are more immediate threats — much closer to home — to their enterprise and its competitive edge.

Corporate strategy, R&D, financials, and operational data may all be, to some degree, chapters of an open book. Major competitors – not covert

Snowden, From a Private Investigator’s Perspective

Snowden, From a Private Investigator's Perspective

Many eyebrows were raised by the disclosures of Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old former NSA contractor who revealed details on top-secret U.S. domestic surveillance programs before fleeing to Hong Kong and Russia.  Mike Orchard, CEO of Beacon Investigative Solutions, considers the impact of these programs — and the plight of Snowden himself — from the perspective of a

How a Trail of Debt Can Lead to Assets

Credit History and Asset Search

The Role of Credit History in an Asset Search…

Credit history plays a critical role in any comprehensive asset search. Identifying the current debts of consumers or businesses is often a starting point for identifying active banking and lending relationships. It can also be a highly valuable took for evaluating the subject’s overall financial health,

International Asset Searches and Money Laundering

International Asset Searches

Finding offshore funds — and the future of money laundering — are the focus of this article by Beacon director John Powers, published this week in Pursuit Magazine, a leading educational resource for professional investigators.

An overseas shift in banking laws has led to greater transparency at European banks,