International Asset Searches and Money Laundering

International Asset Searches

Finding offshore funds — and the future of money laundering — are the focus of this article by Beacon director John Powers, published this week in Pursuit Magazine, a leading educational resource for professional investigators.

An overseas shift in banking laws has led to greater transparency at European banks, following

MSN News: Beacon CEO on Finding Missing Persons

When a child is lost, or a family member goes missing, the typical first response is to panic. The second is to call the police – and then endure many fretful hours, days or weeks waiting for news. Yet there are several other important steps that should be taken immediately to aid the safe return of

10 Reasons to Run an Asset Search


Asset searches can be an extremely valuable tool for attorneys, investors, executives and individual litigants, if conducted by an experienced private investigator with the proper skills and resources.  In addition to tangible assets, financial accounts and revenue/income sources, a comprehensive search should also reveal liabilities, bankruptcies, liens and lawsuits, resulting in a complete financial profile that is

Why Your Company’s Big Crisis Won’t be a Black Swan

Black Swan, Black Flies
In this new white paper, Beacon offers a fresh interpretation of – and partial corrective to – the popular ‘Black Swan Theory’ of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in light of risk-related disasters at JPMorgan Chase, Sony, American Superconductor and Walmart.

Taleb’s best-selling book has taught business leaders to believe the greatest threat to their

A Year After Landmark Supreme Court Decision, GPS Tracking in Legal Limbo

When most people think of GPS trackers, the images that spring to mind include cheating spouses, concerned parents, and police covertly tracking criminals.  Yet GPS is also used for many legitimate business concerns.  Recent legal precedents, however, have pushed GPS tracking into a legal grey area in many states, raising concerns among executives and their corporate counsel about