Two women were awarded an $18.5 million verdict by a Texas jury for injuries sustained when the Greyhound bus they were riding flipped over while the driver was talking on his cell phone. That verdict included an $11.6 million award to a plaintiff represented by Ron McCallum of the Law Offices of Ted Lyon in Mesquite, Texas, whom Beacon assisted with locating out-of-state witnesses in the lead-up to the trial.

The witnesses included a passenger seated directly behind the driver at the time of the crash, an initially uncooperative source that Beacon located, interviewed and chaperoned from his home in Idaho all the way to successful testimony in Texas.

The plaintiffs presented evidence that the Greyhound driver had a poor driving record and had placed 17 calls on his personal cell phone that night, during a snowstorm that had left the highways covered in three inches of ice.

Two passengers testified at the trial, including one who saw the driver on his phone throughout the trip, and another who witnessed other bus drivers putting chains on their tires at a rest stop earlier that night, as reported by LawyersUSA.