International Asset Searches and Money Laundering

International Asset Searches

Finding offshore funds — and the future of money laundering — are the focus of this article by Beacon director John Powers, published this week in Pursuit Magazine, a leading educational resource for professional investigators.

An overseas shift in banking laws has led to greater transparency at European banks, following

Why Your Company’s Big Crisis Won’t be a Black Swan

Black Swan, Black Flies
In this new white paper, Beacon offers a fresh interpretation of – and partial corrective to – the popular ‘Black Swan Theory’ of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, in light of risk-related disasters at JPMorgan Chase, Sony, American Superconductor and Walmart.

Taleb’s best-selling book has taught business leaders to believe the greatest threat to their

Beacon Director Featured on Huffington Post

During a recent engagement to conduct competitive intelligence and due diligence for a major corporation, Beacon discovered that the target was engaged in a complex, multi-million-dollar fraud.  Beacon director John Powers details his experience coordinating with the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) Office of the Whistleblower in a recent article in Huffington Post.

Four years after

Legal Investigator’s Guide to Competitive Intelligence

In today’s increasingly complex globalized economy, corporate executives often lack critical information on new customers, suppliers, distributors, technologies and emerging markets. Even at midsize and small companies, business leaders now find themselves confronting foreign rivals, game-changing innovations, and other unexpected threats on their own home turf. Experienced investigators are uniquely equipped to develop information in opaque regions and industries, ethically

Fracks, Frauds and Toxic Torts

Growing controversies and numerous lawsuits have resulted from the recent boom in domestic oil and gas drilling. Today’s energy industry faces increased scrutiny from landowners, investors, insurers, lenders, environmentalists, and regulators.

The uptick in multi-million-dollar claims pertaining to environmental damages, landowner rights, and securities fraud coincides with a growing need for qualified investigators, observes Beacon director John Powers