Beacon Director Featured on Huffington Post

During a recent engagement to conduct competitive intelligence and due diligence for a major corporation, Beacon discovered that the target was engaged in a complex, multi-million-dollar fraud.  Beacon director John Powers details his experience coordinating with the Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) Office of the Whistleblower in a recent article in Huffington Post.

Four years after

What You Need to Know When Hiring a Private Investigator

Hiring a private investigator isn’t something people tend to do all too often.  Many people never require the services of a private investigator, and most of those who do – apart from attorneys and insurance adjusters – rarely use them more than once or twice during their lifetime. However, when the circumstances do arise and you find

When Your Company Secrets Walk Out the Front Door

More than half of European office workers take sensitive company data with them when they’re fired or switch jobs, according to a recent survey from Iron Mountain.  Workers in the U.K. are only slightly less likely to depart with their employers’ crown jewels: 44% of surveyed Brits said

A Drone of Your Own: The Future of Domestic Surveillance

Now that the Supreme Court has ruled against warrantless GPS tracking by police officers, law enforcement agencies are gearing up for next big development in domestic surveillance: unmanned aerial vehicles.  These remote-control miniature aircraft have state-of-the-art digital video capabilities and can read the registration sticker off a license plate from a cruising altitude of 500

Legal Investigator’s Guide to Competitive Intelligence

In today’s increasingly complex globalized economy, corporate executives often lack critical information on new customers, suppliers, distributors, technologies and emerging markets. Even at midsize and small companies, business leaders now find themselves confronting foreign rivals, game-changing innovations, and other unexpected threats on their own home turf. Experienced investigators are uniquely equipped to develop information in opaque regions and industries, ethically